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Let the team at Great Lakes Cattle Company provide you with the ultimate healthy beef experience.
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If you want to buy grass fed beef you have come to the right place. 

Through hard work and traveling the country, we have assembled a herd of the best Aberdeen angus in the country. We’re here to provide you with high quality grass-fed beef.

Great Lakes Cattle grass-fed beef is a favorite in our household. From the lean steaks on the grill to the, healthy burgers, to slow cooked roasts in the oven, we enjoy all the cuts. We strive to eat a health-conscience diet and the grass-fed beef fits into that lifestyle.
Lindsay & Vonda Hager 
Gala Gourmet is proud to be a retail outlet for Great Lakes Cattle Company grass-fed beef. Our business is based on providing high quality, gourmet, and sometimes difficult to find specialty food items in our area. GLCC is a perfect match for our standards. In addition to selling their product at retail, their grass-fed beef is also used in our menus for on-site dining and catering. It gives us great pleasure to be able to offer such a high quality product from a local source.
Terrie Ortwein
Owner / Gala Gourmet, Newaygo, MI
Aberdeens are incredibly low input cost cattle that take a lot of the expense out of beef cattle production. The number one variable cost in America's beef cattle industry is maintenance and feed.  The use of Aberdeen cattle has reduced our labor, feed and management inputs.  The calving ease of Aberdeen cattle has allowed us to calve on the range, so we don't have to vaccinate for scours or pneumonia. We calve heifers with the rest of the herd and don't have to get up at night to check them. The docility and vigor of the cattle have reduced the labor required to handle the herd. It's taken so much work out of the cattle business for us.   We have doubled our stocking rate since changing to lower-maintenance Aberdeen cattle and implementing better rotational grazing management. Meanwhile, our vet bills are lower, even with twice the cattle numbers. By increasing the amount of beef sold per acre by 130 to 150 percent due to more muscle per hundred weight, we have a considerably higher paycheck and more opportunity to market breeding stock.
Neil Effertz
Effertz EZ Ranch,Bismarck ND.


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